Welcome to IPHIE Global Education Limited

IPHIE Global Education Limited is an international education agency in Nigeria with many years of experience in placing and recruiting Nigerian students into universities and colleges abroad. We are committed to using our expertise to assist student in finding the most appropriate study destinations abroad for them to gain their international degree in an courses and levels ranging from International Foundation Programs, Bachelors, Top-Ups, Pre-Masters, Masters, MBA, DBA, Pre-PhD, MPhil and PhD Programs.

Regarding your career options we serve you by providing the best counselling and guidance helping you make the right decision. We have several students who we have successfully placed to study in our partner universities all over the world.

We work to promote excellence in service delivery and have developed within the years to become one of the most active, reliable, and well respected organization in student recruitment.

Our Services

University Placement

study abroad

IGE has good track records of helping student achieve their dream of travelling abroad for studies. We assist and guide them to choose the most suitable course of study and also help them to gain admission into top quality universities and colleges.

We also give scholarship advice, help student get a tuition fee discounts directly from our partners. We offer assistance on immigration procedures, documentation checks, and providing student with recent changes and updates on university applications.

VISA Application and Packaging Services

Our Visa Counsellors are well informed and trained by our partner universities visa officers who are in close touch with all the latest changes in the visa regulations.

We organize mock interviews to build up our student confidence and make the ready for their appointments at the embassy. We double check our student visa application document to ensure all document are original, authentic and correct for visa. We make it our duty to ensure student fulfills all visa rules and regulations.

We handle the visa application and packaging process very carefully. IGE guarantees every applicants of its visa success provided that they able to provide all required document and they are truthful and open to us about any previous visa application records.

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